We make your family's Indoor AIr Quality our top priority​When it comes to the health of your Family, co-workers,  possessions, and property, you can't be too careful. We've built our reputation on providing professional Microbial Detection Investigation services using, thermal camera's, moisture meters, humidity meters, Air and Swab samples for the Lab work, together with extensive training in Microbial "Mold" Detection and building sciences. Along with our Sister company - PurAiRx we're able to offer our clients a fuller range of IAQ testing to keep you safe. All investigations can be done as one or combined to gets a better picture as to your properties total health while saving some money. Indoor Air Quality Testing for Mold in Minneapolis



  We spend over 90% of our lives indoors

IAQ - Indoor Air Quality effects all facets of our lives. IAQ can be affected by microbial contaminants (mold, bacteria), Gases including RADON, CO (carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), VOC's (volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde), and particals like Dander (pet and human), dust mites, pollen and Asbestos. 



We provide Unbiased 3rd Party Pre- Mitigation Testing with Inspection and Post {Clearance} Mitigation Testing with Inspection.     Making sure the job was done correctly.

    It's Prudent to have an Unbiased 3rd party do a Pre Inspection with Testing and a Post [Clearance] Inspection and Tests when work is done.


We had a strange odor in our basement and contacted Twin Cities Mold Investigations and the owner David came to inspect our home. He explained the process and the lab results to us. He was professional and completed the process in a timely fashion. We are now addressing are hidden mold issue. Thanks,  Dean B.      Andover, MN

The entire process from punctual response to accurate diagnosis of mildew intrusion and successful treatment options was performed with high professional quality. Top notch outfit.  Peder H.     Wayzata, MN

We were buying a new/ used home and wanted to make sure our new home was safe for our family. My three children all have respiratory issues at one level or another. We were revered to Twin Cities Mold Investigations by our Realtor.   Air samples were taken on all three floors plus 1 outside. The next afternoon we received a call from David to give us the great news. Our house had normal mold counts plus no toxic mold. This gave us great peace of mind and moved in the next week. Thanks for the Rush service and next day results. Tina W.   Stillwater, MN

I noticed what looked like mold on my kitchen ceiling. I contacted Twin Cities Mold Investigations immediately. David, who arrived on time and was very friendly and professional, ran some tests and discovered I did have mold spores. Some were toxic so I was very glad I called to have my home checked. The mold was caused by a leak in my roof which I have since repaired

   Sean E.   St. Paul, MN

 Certified Indoor Air Quality Technicians - IAC2 Certified

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Welcome to Twin Cities Mold Investigations.

Locally owned and operated. When searching for a company to evaluate your business or home for Indoor Air Quality it is necessary to hire someone that is not involved in the remediation removal process. We are a "Test Only" company. With no "conflict of interest" as to the out come of Lab results.​ We are an independent Investigation and Testing company. Honest, professional, unbiased Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing from a Certified lab Analysis. We work for you are client.

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                When is Mold Investigation and testing needed??

Most clients have us preform the Investigation and Testing for 1 or more of the following reasons

                  }  Strange/ unexplained smells

                  }   On going sickness for several months/ years. Respiratory Health problems

                  }   Real Estate Transaction

                  }   Peace of Mind

                  }   Visual Growth

                  }   Recent water damage from roof, basement, bathroom, kitchen...

                  }   Clearance testing -  Testing for the "ALL CLEAR" sign after Remediation work.

                          --- This one is very important--- for an unbiased testing result.

         When is RADON Investigation and testing needed?- Always

 The EPA states that all properties need to be tested for Radon every few years. Radon is a poisonous gas that humans and pets can't detect. Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. Ahead of 2nd hand cigarette smoke. The combination of cigarette smoking and Radon gas greatly increases the chances of Lung Cancer.

    The Minnesota Department of Health recommends that all properties be tested for Radon due to Minnesota having Dangerous Levels of Radon.

                  }  Selling or Buying Real Estate

                  }  You live i an area that is located on the Radon Maps

                  }  Someone who lives or works in the property has developed Lung Cancer 

                  }  It's been 3 years since your last test. It is wise to test at different times of the year